Friends of the Pianola Institute - Terms and Conditions of Membership

The Friends of the Pianola Institute is organised according to a Constitution, a copy of which will be sent to each new Member. Some parts of the Constitutuon apply to the election of Officers and Committee Members, and to the announcement and conduct of meetings. The sections that are relevant to Individual Membership are as follows:

The Organisation shall be known as "The Friends of the Pianola Institute", hereinafter referred to as "The Association".

The Object of the Association shall be the promotion and assistance in every way possible of the Pianola Institute. To this end, any funds raised by activities of the Association, which are surplus to those needed for the running of the Association, shall from time to time be donated to the Pianola Institute.

Full Membership shall be open to all aged eighteen years and over. Applications must be made in writing, through currently acceptable media*, and must be approved by the Committee. Full Members shall be eligible to participate in all activities of the Association, and shall have the right to vote at General Meetings. The rights of Membership shall not accrue until the Member's first annual Subscription has been paid.

The Annual Subscription for Full Members shall be determined annually by the Committee.

By accepting Membership of the Association under this Constitution, the Member confirms that he/she does not object to the Association holding certain personal data about him/her in a form in which it may be automatically processed, as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK).

Any Member who, in the opinion of the Committee, acts in a way likely to bring the Association, or the Pianola Institute, into disrepute, shall forfeit his/her Membership.

*This includes online application.

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